Do you have a business card? A little of magic and we will be able to do it of the site. Site-card it is a resource which provides basic information on organizations, companies, private person, offered goods or services. There is also certainly placed a feedback form and contact details.
The company Union Software will help you in the creation of original, memorable website consisting of several pages, or executing by means of Flash-technologies, where all content and navigation will be implemented in Flash-video.
Site-card it is functionally and creatively.
Site-card can be used effectively in a variety of advertising campaigns on the Internet, including contextual and banner ads. HAving become inyerested in your ads on the web, and clicking on the link, people will pass on your online business card, where they can find interactive opportunites contact with you:

  • by clicking on the mail, use the e-mail program and send you a message;
  • making a click on the phone to establish a connection using Skype;
  • by clicking on the address, cause the program Yandex card, where will be noted your geographical location.

In addition, the online business card gives to you opportunity to control attendance statistics, which allows to judgment about the effectiveness of advertizing campaigns and the number of visitors attracted an objective.
A well-compiled online business card it is effective way to expand sphere of your influence on the Internet. Unlike the traditional paper business cards, online business card you will not forget and will not lose it and never morally obsolete. Site-card - this is unusual, functional and practical.