Creation of corporate sites - one of the main activities of the studio Union Software. In developing the corporate website, we do not use standard tools, habitual patterns and solutions. In total individually.
Corporate site it is a complex, high-tech resource companies, which can be useful as for advertizing and information and commercial purposes.
Corporate website serves:

  • the device to demonstration of a portfolio or an assortment row of products;
  • means of informing activity of the company;
  • tool for web promotion;
  • means of attracting new customers;
  • unique information resource about activity of the company.

On the platform of the corporate website is easy to build any enterprise solutions that meet the diverse objectives. The sites created by us can have a different focus: to be representative of the company, to perform certain promo-purpose, to advertize goods and services.
Corporate websites have several advantages. They are flexible in setting new modules and modifications, and thanks to its large scale, such sites easier to promote in search engines by a set of inquiries at the same time.
What should be the corporate website?
The pride of the company - a modern corporate website, wich all its content and functionality must be completely focused on the solution of image and commercial tasks of the company, have an original design that meets all the standards of usability and comfortable control system.
On platforms corporate site can be located any information archives, no matter how large the volume they were.
The module "news", which certainly is equipped with the resource to enable maximum convenience to create your own news feed. The process of putting information can be tied to predetermined schedule.
Corporate websites contains and special software solutions that allow you to quickly upload images and make an explation to them. It is Modules "Gallery", "Portfolio", "Catalog".
As a rule, the structure of the corporate website includes sections:

  • Home;
  • About us;
  • Products and services;
  • FAQ;
  • Contact Us;
  • The system of statistics;
  • The system of authorization;
  • Guestbook etc.

The structure of each corporate site is individual and varied, everything is subordinated to the fact that visitors can easily share comprehensive information about the interest services and about the company.
The company Union Software provides technical and consulting support of the to corporate websites to their clients.
We create corporate websites for dynamic, perspective companies!