Studio Union Software offers services to create enterprise portals - the internal corporate sites, which users are the employees of the company and also, in certain cases - customers, partners and suppliers.
The Corporate Portal, stopped being a prerogative of the large companies. Today understanding benefits of this tool for increase of overall performance corporate portals seek to create practically each company which activity take place with participation of the Internet.
The main function of a corporate portal is the solution of questions of information support and association of all employees of the company for improvement of quality of their work.
Corporate portals: Hundred heads are better than one!
Today, corporate portals are unacceptable attribute of the majority of reputable information sites and online stores. They ensure harmonious collaboration of the removed employees who are carrying out:

  • development and preparation of material;
  • editing and approval of articles;
  • entry into systems of payment;
  • statistical accounting and etc.

Employees of studio Workers Union Software offer the help to the companies and the organizations in creating of network infrastructure and corporate portals, which will provide:

  • coherence and clearness of all processes;
  • document flow automation;
  • exception error;
  • prevention of losses of documents;
  • use only an actual information;
  • decrease of labor costs;
  • increase of speed of work;
  • possibility of distant work of employees and etc.

Corporate portals - it is ideal information environment, which is capable to follow all changes of the processes, which are dynamically developping business to increase efficiency of work and to promote prosperity of enterprise.
Secrets of the formation of public opinion - information portal
Union Software Company works on creation of special types of portals offering users materials combined in category. There can take place:

  • News,
  • Review,
  • Article,
  • products and services in various fields of activity and etc.

Due to a veriety and abundance of materials, such sites have high attendance, well more ahead in the Internet search engines, and thanks to it allow the owners to provide:

  • paid placement of information;
  • sale of the advertising space;
  • advance of the company, brand or name;
  • the achievement of goals and etc.

The main task of information-reference portal - providing users with interesting and actual materials. Webmasters Union Software creates information and reference portals which harmoniously combine interests of the visitor (interesting content, pleasant design, convenient navigation), interests of the owner of a resource (necessary impact on target audience, favorable advertizing platforms, advance of objectives and etc.), and also interest of suppliers of paid information.
Information Portal - ideal platform is placed yard ache information and an effective remedy of formation of public opinion.