Functional online store it is a powerful tool for maintaining your own business online.
Union Software Company develops each project of online store taking into account all individual customer's requirements. Thanks to it there are an ideal trading floors with the convenient interface and flawless design.
It is easy to sell, it is conveniently to manage.
Why is one online store has been an enormous success, and the pages of another buyers look seldom? Everything depends on trust of the user. How to get it?
The trust of consumer can be gained online store, with the help:

  • convenient and functionality in management of the oder;
  • thought-out structure of navigation;
  • the original page design and respectable and etc.

Development of the design projects online store is carried out, taking into account all nuances:

  • preference of customer;
  • business orientation;
  • target audience;
  • characteristics of goods;
  • age categories of users and etc.

Creation of online store it is a rather complicated technical process. Such resource should always work without trouble-free to answer with standards of modern usability, be convenient for both buyers and managers, and also to have a memorable, unique design.
Studio Union Software to create just such sites for its customers. We have an individual approach for each task, offering to clients a wide choise of functions and characteristics wich will be useful for their business from a marketing point of view.
Our online stores have:

  • multilevel catalog of goods;
  • an unlimited number of products;
  • a display of goods-novelties;
  • groups of sorting product groups (hits of sales, discounts, special offers, etc.);
  • convenient form of registration of customers;
  • view prices;
  • opportunity of selection of goods by certain criteria;
  • comparison of selected goods;
  • display stock availability;
  • shopping cart with ample opportunities;
  • choice a way of delivery of the order and form of its payment;
  • passibility of the publication of advertising articles and news;
  • convenient form of feedback, etc..

Order creation of online store in the studio Union Software and you receive not only a perfect business tool, also you receive technical support resources, professional consultation on effective work with it, helping to set up all options, and system management.
Today, the market of goods and services captured by the online stores, "makes" billions of dollars. In our world online purchases are made more and more people, increasing shares of online sales to unimaginable sizes. Create your own online store today, so that tomorrow thousands of new customers could come to you.