Creation of unique, recognizable corporate identity it is the key to success and prosperity of any company.
The unified, thought over traditions of use certain colors and graphics to design promotional materials, business documents and packing of products, will allow the enterprise to create a certain image.
Besides it, branding is one of the most powerful advertizing tools the acting fundamental base in identication of the company among competitors.
Develipment of corporate identity it is an effective communication strategy that leads emergennce of a stready image of the company, allows distinguidh it from the competitors having emphasized its advantages.
Many factors are considered our specialists in laborious work on creation of a corporate identity:

  • features of target audience;
  • the main mission of the company;
  • the concept of activity;
  • geography of the company's interests;
  • the preferences of potential customers and etc.

Union Software Studio offers a full range of services relating to all aspects of corporate identity. Highly skilled designers, marketers and advertising professionals, will in common develop an image that is best suited for your company.
What is necessery for the birth of the brand?
The corporate identity has to:

  • easy to remember;
  • to be "out of time»;
  • to be recognized;
  • to work in unison with the image of the company;
  • to look attractive on various media.

The birth of corporate identity begins with detailed development of all basic elements, including the color scale, logo and font.
Logo it is a key component of corporate identity. It is no exaggeration to tell that how many impressive, thoughtful and original, will is issued logo can depend on the development of your business in general. Creating a logo it is consuming and responsible stage of work that requires a variety of skills, knowledge, and maybe even a certain amount of adventurism.
Production of laconic logo, will demand carrying out the detailed analysis about features of perception it target audience and possibility of conversion. The logo should look equally attractively on small souvenirs, and on huge billboards.
The combination of well-chosen font and colors provides a unique, memorable corporate identity, which will provide the company opportunity to find its niche in the market of goods or services.
In what the corporate identity is expressed?
In the creation of corporate identity there are no trifles. Effective way of increase of reputation, for the company which recently appeared in a market is development of the integral attributes, indicating the scope of the company:

  • business cards;
  • posters;
  • envelopes;
  • letterhead;
  • Calendars;
  • booklets;
  • information sheets, etc..

The high-quality design of printing products will provide to attributes of your company presentableness and also will promote establishment of strong business relationships with partners.